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Personal recommendations for DIY online Divorce companies

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KittiKat Sat 28-Nov-15 12:53:07


I have put this in chat as I thought I may get more responses.

I have FINALLY, after over 4 years, managed to get my STBXH to agree to a 2 year uncontested divorce and clean break. I have to pay for it so cannot afford to use a solicitor to do it but, because of the stress I am under, I would like someone to fill in all the forms, dot the "i's" and cross the "t's" so I don't mess it up.

What I am after are personal recommendations of anyone who has used an online divorce company. I have googled a few but if someone had a really good experience with a company I would love to hear from you.

Can't even begin to tell you how excited I am feeling. At long last I might be free in a few months time!!!!! grin wine

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