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Panicking about a date

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Lostsoul12 Thu 26-Nov-15 19:43:37

Got a date tomorrow night with a lovely man. I've been looking forward to it all week but now I've got a really big attack of nerves. So bad I'm thinking of cancelling. He's booked a lovely restaurant. I don't want to let on I feel like this but I don't know what to do. Nothing bad has happened, no red flags, don't really know what's wrong with me? Why am I feeling like this? What am I going to do? It feels like I'd need more than a glass of wine.

DraenorQueen Thu 26-Nov-15 19:48:43

Don't you dare cancel!!! And don't get pissed beforehand to dull the nerves!! If he's nice as you say, you'll at the very least have a nice night in a nice restaurant,having a nice conversation. If sparks don't fly, nothing lost.
I'm like you - I DREAD if you're being judged and found wanting....but don't cancel - give it a try!

pog100 Thu 26-Nov-15 20:01:02

He wil be just as nervous, believe me. I know. Go and enjoy chatting!

ALaughAMinute Thu 26-Nov-15 20:29:12

Don't worry, he'll be scared shitless too!

Take a few deep breaths and some rescue remedy and just be yourself. It's not despicable to be nervous is it? Your feelings are perfectly normal, you've just got to get over the first five minutes that's all.

Is it your first date together?

Cabrinha Thu 26-Nov-15 20:36:56

I'd tell him your nervous. I wouldn't go into to huge detail and share the whole wibble. But I'd definitely say "dating is hard, I'm so fucking nervous!" - I've said it several times and it helps. It takes away the stress of trying to pretend I'm not!

Cabrinha Thu 26-Nov-15 20:37:51

And something I always tell my child - nerves and excitement feel pretty similar! Are you sure you're not feeling both but deciding it's all nerves? Allow yourself the excitement too!

Threefishys Thu 26-Nov-15 22:25:24

Don't get drunk but do have one beforehand is my advice... And just embrace the nerves and enjoy them..there's nothing wrong with being nervous and excited about a date it's all part of the fun. Also concentrate on whether you like him or not not what he thinks of you. Just treat him like a mate and if you're feeling it get your flirty head on. Good luck!!

Threefishys Thu 26-Nov-15 22:26:43

My last first date I got mortally rendered beforehand with nerves....I don't advise that....purely because of the splitting headache the next day..still it worked out ok - been together one year and counting

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