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Why do people lie?

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Secretivebehaviour Tue 24-Nov-15 15:54:04

I'm a regular poster but have name changed as i don't want to out myself.

Coming out of the other side of being left for ow by my ex.

What I do not understand is why people seem to continue to lie, in the beginning I can understand why people do it, I don't condone it but it's panic, coward ness all of that.
Now over a year on and I'm quite settled in my life, until I get my exes other woman's ex husband messaging me one evening this week, trying to dig for dirt on what his ex and my ex are up to. Of course I explained it was none of our business what they were doing but I did feel sorry for him as she seems to be lying to him and it would be much nicer to be truthful and kinder also, how long is she going to prolong his misery.

My ex on the other hand is clearly lying to everyone including himself it would seem, having spent a bit more time with him than usual lately in fact the last few months he has not mentioned her, he hasn't took her to meet family etc .. He also proclaimed that it was going nowhere, there was nothing to say about it anymore and he felt a relationship with someone Who had children that were the same age as our children wouldn't be fair on his own kids as he has little time between work for anything else and barely sees them.

I don't know if he is just stringing the poor woman on so he has someone to keep company when he's bored or he is loves young dream with her but doesn't want me knowing, although he would know by now I don't care what he was doing as he made his bed he can lie in it.

I think my biggest annoyance is whilst trying to cook and be mum after a busy day I was then subjected to messages of sheer and utter desperation from a man who is clearly being lied to.
You'd think they'd just accept they split two families, be open and honest and get on instead of behaving like children and trying to save face.

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