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How to be more resolved when it comes to my ex

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Ifloveequalsnithing Mon 23-Nov-15 11:47:43

My ex is now no longer with his other woman.
I thought this would bring me a sense of closure even if he didn't come back, I thought that the great happiness he thought he was going to would fail and it would make me think ha it wasn't so great after all.

But I don't feel like that and now after such a long time I feel like I'll never accept him going.

He has already got a replacement for the one he left.

We have talked about things, now the dust has settled. He doesn't want to come back he was unhappy in life, doesn't miss his old life etc not sure if that is circumstantial or living with me.
He loves me and would do anything for the children and I if it meant making my life easier and less of struggle but doesn't want commitment etc.
He said I am miserable and he won't make me happy nor will the children that I'll only be happy if I can do that for myself.
He said he enjoys my company and talking to me, but without the pressure of a relationship etc.
Yet he still wants to spend time together all four of us, I want my family but I want to be strong enough to say no as that's the way it needs to be at the moment I'm not resolved enough too though.

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