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randomly thinking about an ex from 11 yrs ago!

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VictoriaArgus Wed 18-Nov-15 21:02:48

I say ex, it was a more a 2 month uni shagfest.. but still. Met at the start of term and had a really hot few months then it ended abruptly, he stopped calling me and i met someone else and that was that.
Ive been with my dh ever since, and happy

Now for some odd reason a few years ago i started thinking about the ex, just missed him and started thinking about the time we spent together, after a few months it went away but its back again now,
I know its bonkers, we're both happy with our respective families, we havent seen each other for 11 years and after a brief fb conversation i know he hasnt thought about me since, but i cant get him out of my head!

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