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I cant handle my mom anymore

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Daniel988 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:29:30

Hi first i want to say sry for any speling mistakes, i speak english and live in spain, english getting a bit worse

Well my dad passed away when i was 4 i am 16 now since i was 12 i have had a happy childhood, we could say i was a bit of a spoilt child, ( got no brothers or sisters) But since i was 12 i get insulted constantly nearly every 2 days. lets say i get home 2 m late she wont open the door and leave me out side till 12pm. When she opens the door shes like you are so stupid bla bla bla. I talk to somone with my phone, Hey you didnt tell me you talked to this person i need to know everyone you talk to and then grounds me and takes my phone of me.Everything i do i do wrong and everything i dont do i should have done. You are stupid asshole, go kill youself. go drown yourself , i cant wait till you go to university and get out of my life, nobody cares about you. Then 1 out of every 20 fights i get angry and answer back when she cant win with words she just start who pays for you me ? well ha ha you cant do nothing shut up or i will call the cops or i will kick you out. ( she actually did call the cops1 time) My mom has a lot of health problems like depresion. I try talking to her and she will admid she was wrong but the day after it happens again. Most of the time it happens the day after she sais sorry i have told her maybe she needs medical help but wont listen. But sometimes the day after she will just cary on you just stress me get out of my house you know where the door is fuck off go with you friends haha they wont let you, you have nobody haha haha, She even takes my phone and messages my friends insulting them acting like its me. I dont know what to do pls help me. Then if i dont say something to someone. Lets say i help someone why are you helping him tell him to fuck off and if i dont tell him she will tell him and then she will tell me you fear him your such a chincken haha fuck off asshole no self respect for yourself your so stupid

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Tue 17-Nov-15 11:04:35

Hi OP. What ever is causing your mother's behaviour, you can't fix it by yourself. Have you any other family in Spain? You really need to be away from this woman before she destroys you. I grew up being belittled, and the effects last a lifetime.

hellsbellsmelons Tue 17-Nov-15 11:34:16

Is there anyone you can stay with?
You really cannot continue to live in this environment.
It will destroy you and any future relationships.
Can you put a lock on your phone so your mum cannot access it?
Is there any youth support group over in Spain?
Maybe have a chat with the school and see what they can do to support you?
If your mum won't get medical help then you must get away as fast as you can.

tinyme135 Tue 17-Nov-15 12:09:36

omg OP I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I didn't want to read and leave. I wouldn't say I know what you're going through but my dad use to belittle me whenever I proved him wrong he would slap me shout at me ground me he does it with my mum too. once I reached the age of serious relationships I started seeing my ExP and he use to belittle me too and abuse me. so I had my dad and my ExP at it. it took me till my new DP for me to realise and stand up to him and my wonderful nan.

Haven't you got anyone you can talk to, to help you through it? have you spoke to our friends and told them it's not you who is saying all those nasty things. you can't go on like this, it'll run you down and ruin you. please try and find help. You're still young and you don't need this.

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