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How do I learn to trust again?

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Allbymyselfagain Mon 16-Nov-15 13:31:52

Really conflicted here. I've had a pretty shit dating history, a series of long term relationships where either alcohol or emotional abuse was common. I thought I'd found a decent guy at the beginning of the year who was nice but wasn't right for me. When I dumped him he turned into the worst of them all, very threatening and frightening and he really scared me that I hadn't seen that side of him until he stopped getting his own way.

I met a guy at the weekend, he seemed nice to chat to, didn't ask me go home with him or even try to touch me bar a hug when we went out seperate ways (which is normally what happens on a night out and is a massive red flag for me) and we swapped numbers, hes sent me a few texts and I think I'd like to see him again.

BUT I'm terrified of putting myself out there again and getting hurt or meeting someone like the last guy. I keep thinking maybe he's nice but what if he turns out to be nasty? I know I just have to get a grip and do it but some words of advice would be good. I've lost my dating mojo!

cailindana Mon 16-Nov-15 13:36:41

Forget about dating for a while and work on yourself. Seek counselling or do the freedom programme to get your head on straight and get yourself to the point where you feel you can be entirely happy on your own. Then consider a relationship.

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