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ittooshallpass Sun 15-Nov-15 00:29:17

Just had my first date with someone I met in real life for over 7 years.
It was a big deal for me, a single mum working full time...
It was nice to have male company, but he treated me as a sounding board for his love life.
Why did he ask me to go out?
I 'm stumped. A bit hurt. And disappointed.
Hey Ho.
Not sure why I'm posting. Just feel sad.

springydaffs Sun 15-Nov-15 00:39:11

Blimey, that is disappointing.

Dump, of course!

And get back on the horse flowers

niceupthedance Sun 15-Nov-15 08:39:52

Treat it as a practice run. A lot of dates are disappointing. But at least you got out there and did it.

TooSassy Sun 15-Nov-15 09:08:21

Baby steps OP.

Well done for getting back out there.
Of course you are disappointed. It's tough.

But onwards and upwards.

ittooshallpass Sun 15-Nov-15 10:00:17

Thank you for your kind, gentle replies.

I like the idea of thinking of the evening as a practise run. I was very rusty!

In the grand scheme of things it really isn't that big of a deal... onwards and upwards.

mintoil Sun 15-Nov-15 11:45:01

And give yourself a pat on the back for being brave. It takes courage to get back out there.

I think it helps to see dating as an adventure.

RedMapleLeaf Sun 15-Nov-15 12:11:33

I like the idea of thinking of the evening as a practise run. I was very rusty!

Well there you go. He obviously sees lots of good qualities in you to want you as a friend and confidante. And it was a good experience for you too - you got yourself in to date mode, you got out there, and one thing you've realised is that you're not looking to be someone's sounding board, you're ready to be centre of attention.

ittooshallpass Sun 15-Nov-15 17:11:33

That's very true Red Maple.. I am ready to be the centre of attention.

I won't be doing the 'pick me' dance, that's for sure...

Thank you MNs for holding my hand.

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