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lucyabcd Sat 14-Nov-15 14:10:24

Hi everyone i need some advice,i,ve been married over 30yrs and have 5 kids all grown up execpt one whos 15,i just found this site by accident and have been reading some blogs i ve been reading about passive agressive people and i cant believe it my husband sounds like that i just cant believe theres people like him out there,right now we have not spoke in 3 weeks and hes sleep,n on the couch i cant remember what it was over,i have been through everything u can think of their has been physical abuse but that only happened when he drank and he has,nt drank in yrs but his behiviour took it place,he is so moody u never no what way he,ll b on a day,he sulks, he always gives out about everything and if hes doing something he gets so stressed out,i have 3 kids still living with us who are 21,18 and 15 yrs old and they dont ask him to do anyrhing cause they never no what mood he,ll b in,i dont no if i,m explaning myself right i,ve never done this before but i,m fed up of living like this i,ve asked him to leave but he cant as he has no where ro go and we have no money so i,m stuck..

category12 Sat 14-Nov-15 16:41:20

Has he any family that might take him in? Do you own your house or rent? Would he leave if he had somewhere to go?

lucyabcd Sat 14-Nov-15 17:40:17

Hi yes he has family but he is not close to them plus he would,nt like them to no anything,we only rent our house and i,m not sure if he would leave that easy our cause he is been nice to everyone he brought me shop,n,this is his way of us get,n back talk,n and if i do he,ll act like not,n has happened and just carry on,sometimes i can talk to him and he will try and b better but it does,nt last long we have been doing this for yrs,i just dont no what i,m doing should i give him another chance...

category12 Sun 15-Nov-15 09:09:32

I think keeping it quiet means that you don't get support which makes this so much harder to get out off, so I think you should tell people.

You could go into citizen's advice or talk to women's aid since there's a history of domestic violence and ongoing emotional abuse, and they would be able to help you with options. Your gp should also be able to signpost you to support.

You may be able to get him out legally, or it might be worth considering leaving yourself.

I wouldn't give him any more chances, he's had plenty already, hasn't he?

pocketsaviour Sun 15-Nov-15 16:45:41

Are you renting privately, or through local authority? Do you both work? Do your oldest two DC at home work?

If he left, could you afford the rent on your own?

lucyabcd Mon 16-Nov-15 01:40:11

We live in local athority housing,my oldest works part time and the other child is in collage
My husband works on a scheme so does,nt get payed that well,i could afford the rent myself....
i just get so nervous about the taughts of it all

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