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Another break up one....sorry

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Turnedouttoes Mon 09-Nov-15 07:47:40

I'm not looking for advice as such, I know i shouldn't make contact with him, try to have fun etc but this is so unbelievably difficult.

So my DP decided to tell me last week that he's not happy in our relationship and so has broken up with me. His reasoning was that he still loves me but feels I give him so much more than he gives me and he doesn't want to hurt me. I had no idea this was coming, I thought we were very happy.

We've been together almost a year which doesn't sound very long but he's the first guy who has treated me well, is just the nicest guy you could meet and I genuinely loved the time we spent together.

He did like his own space sometimes and I admit that I was very dependent on him. I should have still been having my own life aside from him and I know this now.

It's just so so difficult as I know I'll be fine with time but I want that time to be now as I feel so so sad. We both still love each other and he hasn't done anything wrong except not talking to me about the issues. I just feel so hurt and empty.

I have made lots of plans and I'm keeping busy seeing friends but it just doesn't make me feel any less sad.

Sorry for the length, I just needed an outlet!

squidzin Mon 09-Nov-15 08:07:16

I think it was a bit cruel of him to break up with you saying "I still love you but..."

I always believe this is a cop-out. Like he's obviously a nice person and probably believes this is the "kind" thing to say but it actually makes it a milllion times harder because it messes with your head and makes it impossible to let go.

Sorry but if you love someone, you don't break up with them.

Use distraction techniques to move on. Watch a series on NetFlix or take up running!

hellsbellsmelons Mon 09-Nov-15 09:34:57

Please block him now and go no contact.
He's keeping you 'dangling' by making statements like that.
It's cruel.
He is NOT a nice person.
I think you'll find in time he has 'done something wrong'
I'm glad you have lots of plans with friends etc... but you need to stop engaging with him now.
It will do you far more harm than good.
Look after yourself.

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