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My therapist, transference and I

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myfirstandonlylove Fri 06-Nov-15 18:41:38

I posted here recently about developing feelings for my therapist. I am male, she is female. I finally got around to discussing it with her this week. It was far better than I thought it would be. It was hard to say but sometimes hard things have to be said and it is not a crime to be attracted to someone, even when it is not reciprocated. Anyway I hope this may be of use to the person who wrote about having similar feelings herself.

Gabby99 Fri 06-Nov-15 19:50:40

Hi OP, I posted about this a few weeks ago. Thanks for your update. I am so pleased it went well for you. I have read a lot about transference in recent weeks and I don't believe my feelings are erotic transference. I have very strong feelings for him but it is more a desire for comfort, I don't think of him in a sexual way really. I would give anything for him to put his arms around me and hold me but I know that's never going to happen! I wish you well in your journey smile

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