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Ugh when will my brain stop... it hurts

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wobblywingbatgirl Thu 29-Oct-15 11:54:24

So, he left me 10 weeks ago for women at work and her young children. 23 years together. We have a DS, 5 years old. We're doing OK. Just trying to be amicable and good about things or he turns nasty and could be difficult. I've decided to think what I like on the inside and put on a front.

However, him with her and her children, living the life, falling in love, what they're doing, constantly obsessing is DOING MY HEAD IN!!! I'm trying - goodness knows Im' trying - to keep busy, tell myself that they're not important, focus on me and DS but my god its hard isn't it. It hurts SO much. When will this stop??? I know thats a question that can't be answered but every time I look at him, I look at his arms think about them around her. I look at his mouth and think of them kissing. Its not even the sexual stuff - its the companionship that hurts me - lazy mornings in bed, walking hand in hand, down the pub (when her kids are at their fathers).

No miracle cures I know but it hurts x

Seeyounearertime Thu 29-Oct-15 12:16:06

Its only my thoughys but I think you have to let the feelings and thoughts have their say tbh. It hurts now but the more you try to bottle them up or brave them out then the longer it will go on.

Sounds odd but maybe try writing a letter (or email) addressed to Ex. Put everything down, even if it takes a few days. Then save it or fold it up and put it in a drawer. Once it flows out hopefully the weight will lift.

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