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Im a bit annoyed with a colleague and her reactions

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zas1 Tue 27-Oct-15 21:26:07

OK to cut a long story short my workplace has a variety of ages and cultures where people come from, generally a very healthy mix. One colleague is a bit younger than me, attractive, competent and fairly pleasant. I think she has recently started seeing someone. Anyway a chap started work there too not long ago. He is a quiet guy it seems and relocated countries for this job. I havent had much to do with him professionally but he was perfectly pleasant when I did. So it appears he asked her out following some work drinks recently, and she said no. He was fine about it and didnt say anything after. But now according to another colleague she has been telling everyone in the office about it and laughing about him. He must know about this as according to another colleague who works more closely with him says he has become withdrawn and doesnt join in the work drinks as he thinks people will be gossiping about him. I just think if true that this is quite unnecessary and unkind. I should have added he certainly didnt know about her being with someone when he asked her out.

bridie69 Tue 27-Oct-15 21:50:21

I think your colleague sounds totally out of order. Am assuming the initial approach was done respectfully? Not surprised people shy away from relationships at work but where the hell else to meet someone?

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