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I feel awful-don't know why I'm posting but I need to offload

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Threeboysandus Mon 26-Oct-15 13:10:17

I had a row with dp this morn, he woke up in bad form, we are both exhausted as ds3 not sleeping great. We got into a fight over housework and he stormed out on a job. I called him and called him as he ran out and he ignored me so I ran after himblush. The older kids were shouting after him and ds3 (aged 18 month) was upstairs alone (with stair gate closed) I kept running down our road and around the corner and he just kept ignoring me. I'm so ashamed of myself, I am actually a grown adult, despite my actions...the kids were really upset. They cycled after me and eventually do stopped around the corner. I don't even know why I did it. I just felt so out of control with him just storming out like that. I ran back once he stopped, I don't know what my aim even was sad ds3 was fine but I can't believe I out him in danger like that. He could have opened stair gate and escaped. I'm so embarressed. I might actually delete this thread. I've spoken to all the kids and they are ok now but they will remember this forever.

ScarletRuby2 Mon 26-Oct-15 13:13:25

I'm not sure what you want from this thread, but I don't think you know either.

Yes you were wrong to leave your kids unattended and to let them become embroiled in the drama, but hey-ho it's done now. Nobody died. Move on.

horseygeorgie Mon 26-Oct-15 13:17:32

You are obviously exhausted and these things do happen. Don't beat yourself up over it, we've all done things we regret from a parenting point of view. If this is the worst thing that will happen to your children then I think they will be ok!

Get some sleep, have a nice hot bath and try and get some time to yourself.

Jan45 Mon 26-Oct-15 13:21:02

And does he feel awful too, I hope so, you both acted stupidly, don't shoulder it all yourself.

You went after him because you didn't want to accept him ignoring you, I can see why you did it, don't be too hard on yourself, a sure sign that you both need to sit down and discuss what's going wrong at home, he cant just walk away every time there's an issue.

Maverick66 Mon 26-Oct-15 13:23:30

You are just like every other mum with disrupted sleep - exhausted, overwhelmed, feeling alone like no one understands. But any truthful parent will understand completely where you are coming from. Tell the kids you just lost your temper and it was silly for you to do what you did . Brush your hair put on some lippy and take kids out in fresh air you will feel loads better.thankscakebrew

Threeboysandus Mon 26-Oct-15 13:33:54

Thanks all. I'm starting to calm down and feel a bi better. I just lost control.

No he doesn't feel bad. He's completely blaming me. We are both exhausted and were starting to get into a battle of wills. He can't just run out like that and leave me alone.

I'm starting to see the funny side of it. I must have looked like a raging lunatic! thlconfusedthlconfusedthlconfused

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