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Maintenance q

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VicWillia Sat 24-Oct-15 14:19:08

This is probably a bit unusual, because I am the one paying maintenance.

Exh and I split 2 years ago when our ds was 3. Exh refused to leave our shared flat so I had to. I had no where to go so I ended up in my dads spare room. It wasn't a nice house or nice area, no place for ds, so I just saw him in the day and he stayed overnights with exh. We went to court and exh got residency due to me not having a suitable environment for ds to sleep.

I met someone else and we rented a one bedroom flat together. I wanted to rent a 2 bed but the rental prices are ridiculous here (south east) and we couldn't afford it.

Once I got the flat though I started having ds overnight twice a week.

We are soon moving again, this time to a place out of town so cheaper. It has 2 bedrooms. I want to increase overnights with ds to 3/4 a week but ex h won't hear of it so it looks like I have a fight in court on my hands.

Onto maintenance. I have paid ex h the csa recommended amount for 1 child with no overnights since we split. I would have given more but I just can't afford it. Money is tight and ex h earns a lot more than me.

If I win in court I will be having ds between 12 and 14 nights a month. I want to dramatically decrease maintenance if that happens as its surely 50/50 then? Exh threatens to stop me seeing ds if I stop paying him.

Any advice on where I stand would be great

RandomMess Sat 24-Oct-15 14:28:22

I would focus on increasing contact, why it would be best for ds. Alternate weekends and every Wed night for example - so DS gets to spend quality time with you as his parent.

Worry about the money afterwards as they are separate things. You will be able to reduce it accordingly - after all what can your ex do? Threaten you with the CMS who will recalculate accordingly.

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