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I think this may be the end..

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LucyBabs Wed 21-Oct-15 00:03:22

I have been with my dp for ten years we have two dc and although our relationship has been through a lot of bad times I have always thought we'd make it.

I was sexually abused as a child so I've never found relationships easy. My dp has been patient and understanding. He is human though and has found it hard.

At the beginning it felt he was more into me than I was him. He did everything he could to make our relationship happy I have to admit I took advantage of this and took him for granted.

When I had our youngest dc I had PND. Dp did nothing to help, I know he tried in his own way but I felt so let down by him. I was basically left to pick up the pieces myself.
This put a huge strain on our relationship and we split up two years ago.
We've been living apart since.
We are now back together and although it's been tough I thought we were working through things.
I am seeing a therapist and we will attend counselling together in the near future.

Since the summer dp has been distant. He seems to push me away.
He's usually affectionate, sits close to me and is always willing to kiss and hug.
I find affection difficult sometimes so I'm sure he feels rejected when I have pulled away.

I have asked him many times over the last few months why he is distant. He has said he wants us to work but feels we're going round in circles.

Since the weekend he's not been himself and tonight said he needs to talk to me about how he's feeling.

This is the first time I have felt insecure in our relationship.

I just feel what's coming is him saying he can't do this anymore and its going to be the end sad
I'm sure years of him feeling rejected has turned him off me!

It's not what I want..

I'm not sure if I'm asking anything here really. Jus feel so sad tonight

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