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Online dating - the first meet

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Phonebox Sun 18-Oct-15 18:40:29

I'm getting so excited grin The Date is 9 days away, when he is in my area for business for a few days.

We've been chatting on Skype most nights and I'm really confident he's not going to turn out to be some married sleazeball.

The only thing I'm nervous about is the conversation...he's pretty chatty but we've already covered so much ground. I'm afr inspiration...what did you talk about in your first date? He's taking me to dinner so that's something to start with, but I already know quite a lot about his likes and dislikes, ambitions, hobbies etc...

Eachleechsparethumb Sun 18-Oct-15 18:42:05

Have you cyberstalked googled him?

Tomfoolerywot Sun 18-Oct-15 19:24:21

Of course. There's zilch.

ImperialBlether Sun 18-Oct-15 19:27:09

Namechange fail? grin

Tomfoolerywot Sun 18-Oct-15 23:34:24

Yeah completely grin just been talking to him now. He's so sweet. Problem is the more we talk the more nervous I get about the date!

cozietoesie Mon 19-Oct-15 01:15:06

Does it have to be dinner if you're nervous? Why not something like ten pin bowling if you have one around? Some activity anyway.

Awholelottanosy Mon 19-Oct-15 01:19:05

In my day people used to go to the cinema on a date. It's great as you've got something to talk about afterwards and can hold hands in the dark!smile

ToastedOrFresh Mon 19-Oct-15 01:52:06

Be kind of glad that you know things, so you're not rattling out a few facts about your life i.e. where you live, job, hobbies etc. He might lead the conversation anyway. I said lead, not dominate.

HelenF35 Mon 19-Oct-15 04:20:51

Coffee is a much better first date than dinner. It's much easier to escape if it's awkward or crap and can easily be extended. Nothing worse than being stuck on a crap date, trust me!

Blossomflowers Mon 19-Oct-15 14:22:46

Sorry I would already think he is married. But then been doing OLD for a long while and totally jaded. Is he expecting to stay when on said business trip.

Blossomflowers Mon 19-Oct-15 14:23:05

Ask for his home number.

ScribblerOnTheRoof Mon 19-Oct-15 17:13:01

Why would you think he is married blossom

F0xChat Mon 19-Oct-15 17:25:29

People always suggest that. Even if there's no reason to actually believe that he is.

I'd back away from any date who wanted my home phone number I have to say. However, I'd wonder why he doesn't want to meet people in his own area. Be vigilant for things that don't add up.

20thcenturyschizoidwoman Mon 19-Oct-15 17:31:50

I remember our first date after meeting online - we met in a local pub around tea time for a Coca Cola (he was a taxi driver and working) - we had been talking for four months online and on the phone.

We have admitted since we had fallen in love without seeing each other... Stupid old fools

We didn't run out of conversation and laughed like a pair of drains!

Took me another two months of this type of date to let him kiss me....

That was 11 years ago...we have been married for seven years now.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Mon 19-Oct-15 17:33:47

I was really nervous meeting DP the first time. I'm quite shy and I hadn't been single long after an EA marriage, so not full of confidence. However, we just clicked and DP can talk for England so it wasn't a problem! I think if you're right together you'll get on fine and your conversational style will match up. Try not to worry, just think of it as meeting a new friend, no pressure to be 'the one'.

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