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Think im about to break!

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hadenoughstartagain Sun 18-Oct-15 16:12:50

I have another thread on her but im not sure how to link.

H take terrible moods that I would pander too, as I no longer pander it has been getting worse and worse.

2 weeks ago today he fell out with me for reasons im not 100% sure off yet, during this time we have barely spoken to each other and no physical contact at all.

When we have spoken to discuss the situation he has said he feels im distant, don't like being kissed ( this was because he was always groping my breast, bum and private areas) and that I leave him feeling so lonely it makes him drink and smoke weed.

He is planning getting his own house but im so lost and down. Huge parts say don't give in as he is treating me so terrible but the other part says pander to him and this will pass.

Im just so weak I feel like im about to break down.

SouthWesterlyWinds Sun 18-Oct-15 16:20:13

No one is making him drink or smoke weed other than himself. What a fucktwattery thing to say. I would listen to the huge part of you and not pander to him - it from what you've written, I would be worried that he has ground me down to such a level. Do you have anyone in RL who you can talk to? He can not blame you for how he feels - what he's actually saying is you don't pander to my mood swings anymore and I don't like it. And that's not your fault. Is there anyone you can stay With got a couple of days to give you a break from his emotional blackmail?

summerwinterton Sun 18-Oct-15 16:38:27

He drinks and takes drugs and gropes you - why exactly are you with him? Where is your self esteem? I think you need counselling to work out exactly you think this is all you deserve.

hadenoughstartagain Sun 18-Oct-15 21:05:01

My self esteem is just absolutely shot! Every now and again I get a glimpse of the madness that im in and then there is this feeling of how I manage to forget all the bad points and just focus on some of the good bits, almost a case of maybe its not so bad.

But this last few weeks he has been treating me horribly, almost like he hates me. He cant even sit on the same room as me, goes off and doesn't say where he is going and just wont speak.

plentyavino Sun 18-Oct-15 21:26:36

Go to the top thread of the Relationships section 'Right, listen up everybody' and read the OP.

You don't deserve to be treated like that.

hadenoughstartagain Sun 18-Oct-15 22:46:27

I will have a look, thank you.

Just had another one of his discussions that have left me shaking with anger and upset, every single problem is down to me.

Now he can't understand why u would want to go out and socialise without him. I just enjoy going out with friends, we dont go to pubs just other friends houses.

I don't think I can come back from this, he is getting me so down, but for now we are stuck in the same house.

Am I being selfish?

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