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Put downs

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Atitagain2015 Wed 14-Oct-15 09:10:15

Why do men have to put women down? I don't understand it. There's been a long running saga with this one in my marriage. Who owns what. It is so odd. It used to be its my house etc.etc. I was his house before I met him yes and yes I always contributed etc. We are married! The crux of it is that I thought when you came into a marriage you both pooled together and built up. Not so here. This is mine. You have nothing. I could furnish the whole house and pay for a new kitchen yet I'll hear the same story during an argument the next week. Is it to belittle me? I've had enough and don't think I will ever be on the same page as him with this.

summerwinterton Wed 14-Oct-15 09:13:09

Yes it is to belittle and bully. And he is wrong. If you are married it is half yours.

Why are you still with such a nasty piece of work?

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