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Serious Crushes

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YesAnastasia Tue 13-Oct-15 22:34:59

I have form in this area. Before the DC, I would develop crushes on men/boys and whip myself into a frenzy about them. I'd get a bit obsessive actually.

Anyway, massive libido dip during 2 pregnancies & young children has taken away almost all the desire (and energy) for that kind of nonsense... until now.

I have just found out current crush is married with 2 children. All looks lovely & rosy in their lives and they seem really happy & I'm gutted. Massively. I loved the IDEA of an affair.

What is wrong with me? I have a huge crush going on here even though I have an OK marriage and a happy life myself. Does anyone else do this? Am I going to ruin my marriage one day with this silliness? Why do I do this?

noclueses Wed 14-Oct-15 23:25:55

possibly you are just not monogamous by mature, OP, not everyone is made for commitment, some prefer drama/excitement even though short- lived. If you have dc and won't leave your marriage (your H can't be happy with this), then I don't even know what to suggest.

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