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Surviving a self absorbed friend

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deetrey6 Sun 04-Oct-15 23:01:04

I,m going on holiday for a week with my self absorbed friend. I wish I,d said no but it's a bit late to drop out now. I have made up my mind to distance myself from her when I get back if I hav'nt murdered her lol.

I can't stand her childish behaviour, it's so embarrassing and she seems to stumble from one crisis to another without any concern for anyone but herself. Today she reversed into someone's car and blamed them for parking too close even though she admitted she had'nt been concentrating. She got away with no damage as she has a 4x4 he did'nt and she could not comprehend why he shouted at her!

The conversation whilst she was drunk today, then turned to a man she is thinking of getting with even though he is not divorced yet! and his wife is'nt interested in him as she is getting a hysterectomy, having been through a hysterectomy myself and knowing the pain and way, I felt I really feel disgusted with her. Then she told me about her friend who I don't know who's boyfriend is married and how she hopes they end up together, obviously she has no moral compass and she seems to be getting worse as she is getting older.

I have tried having conversations with her but she talks non stop about herself, it's got to the point where it now drains me. Really I know the answer to my own question.....I should drop her....think I just need to rant.

HortonWho Sun 04-Oct-15 23:07:12

Or you could speak up instead of bitching about a "friend" to the entire internet. She'll probably drop you, job done. You don't like her but are going on a holiday with get because you lack a backbone. Um, confused

HortonWho Sun 04-Oct-15 23:08:05

Her, not get. Autocorrect fail.

thecolourpink Sun 04-Oct-15 23:11:52

Definitely distance yourself after the holiday. Doesn't sound like you enjoy the friendship so what's the point? Life's too short.

deetrey6 Sun 04-Oct-15 23:14:50

I have spoken up, she does not listen. Just at a loss as to how to get her to act decent she tells everybody her plans as if it's something to be proud going off with the woman's husband ...or is that ok!?. The holiday was booked before her behaviour got worse and I am the only friend of our group who had stuck by her!

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