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I think I over-reacted

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cottonbud Fri 01-Dec-06 14:13:16

* [Message from MNHQ: This thread was started in 2006. Just saying...]

I am a regular poster but have changed my name for this as I am a little ashamed.
I have a very short fuse and the simplest of things will infuriate me. DH knows this and so far has managed to avoid the "trigger" words. Today however we were discussing christmas dinner and he called those sausages wrapped in bacon "pigs in blankets" he KNOWS that this phrase sends my temper through the roof, I instructed him to re-phrase the sentance and he said he was sick of walking on egg shells with me so to show him how it felt I started calling him gay and accusing him of being attracted to my brother which I know he hates, he said it was totally different . This incident blew over after he apologised for using the annoying phrase but later on he asked DD if she wanted to start "pony trekking" after christmas admittidly he didn't know that the word pony was a trigger so I explained to him that the word was not to be used and he apologised, 5 minutes later however he again reffered to the horses as "pony's" . I ended up breaking his mobile phone (threw it at him) and now he has stormed off. I know I was in the right over the christmas sausages but I think I may have over-reacted about the horse riding as he only learnt that he couldn't say what he said today. I'm not sure how to make it up to him and tbh I'm still angry about it all, should I just leave it and let it blow over or talk to him?

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Fri 01-Dec-06 14:15:57

Sorry, are you serious?

Sobernow Fri 01-Dec-06 14:17:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlgernonGetYerTubaOut Fri 01-Dec-06 14:17:14

You are nuts, cottonbud.

pageturner Fri 01-Dec-06 14:17:41


puccaupunderthemistletoe Fri 01-Dec-06 14:17:48

Good god, poor guy.

lou33 Fri 01-Dec-06 14:17:54

lol this cant be a serious thread

WigWamBam Fri 01-Dec-06 14:18:01

If this is for real then you don't just leave it and let it blow over, you owe him a huge apology. I would also suggest anger management because this is not normal behaviour.

pooka Fri 01-Dec-06 14:19:08

What on earth is wrong with "pigs" and "ponies"? Don't get it.

AlgernonGetYerTubaOut Fri 01-Dec-06 14:19:09

Although I have to say I agree with the pigs in blankets thing. One of the cafes in town wrote that on their chalkboard and it annoyed me so much that I shot the manager

CrocodileKate Fri 01-Dec-06 14:19:22

Agree with WWB.

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Fri 01-Dec-06 14:19:45


santasdoingtheironing Fri 01-Dec-06 14:20:05


cottonbud Fri 01-Dec-06 14:20:35

yes I am serious, I don't ask him for alot, just to be considerate when talking as it's the one thing that really flicks my switch. I have told him of the trigger words and we have discussed it at length yet he still continues acting the dickhead and saying stupid things.
It makes me so mad that he can't just do this simple thing for me, I do everything he asks me to.

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Fri 01-Dec-06 14:20:55

btw hi Lou

WigWamBam Fri 01-Dec-06 14:21:08

Sorry, but your dh is not the dickhead here.

You need to get help. Seriously.

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Fri 01-Dec-06 14:21:52

I suggest you take WWB advice.

Sobernow Fri 01-Dec-06 14:21:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

santasdoingtheironing Fri 01-Dec-06 14:22:07

Do you have a list of trigger words - can we see it??

puccaupunderthemistletoe Fri 01-Dec-06 14:22:26

I agree with WWB, you seriously need help.

HeavenisInherwinterunderwear Fri 01-Dec-06 14:22:35

Who is that trip trapping across the bridge.
"Is the season to be a wally fala la lar la lar"

AlgernonGetYerTubaOut Fri 01-Dec-06 14:22:40

You need psychiatric help cottonbuds if you are genuinely wound up to the point of blazing fury by a few innocuous words.

Avalon Fri 01-Dec-06 14:23:28

sobernow, lol!

pooka Fri 01-Dec-06 14:23:36

It sometimes niggles when dh says lounge instead of sitting room or toilet instead of loo. But never to such an extent that I'd get angry with him. I just don't get it.
I certainly think that you should think of some anger therapy. This won't be doing you or him any good whatsoever, and what will you do if your children say the "wrong" words????

pooka Fri 01-Dec-06 14:24:22

Oh yes - I'd like to see the trigger words too, just so I can avoid them should you ever post again.

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