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Weareallmadeofstars Sat 26-Sep-15 15:39:51

Hi, in new to Mumsnet and this is my first thread! I have been with my OH for 15 years now. We have 2 lovely children together and we have recently been discussing marriage! Family problems mean that a big event would be awkward (both sets of parents are still married but we wouldn't want to invite or involve his mother or my father).
So... we are thinking of eloping- this is something we would both be really happy doing and we don't feel we would be missing out by not having a big event. A lovely beach setting with just us and the children sounds perfect.
The more we think about it the more right it sounds but we are worried about offending family.
My question really is has anyone else eloped? Did you tell anyone beforehand? How did it work out for you? Would you do it again?
Sorry for the long post!

Chimpfield Sat 26-Sep-15 16:13:08

We eloped, just the two of us, married overlooking the beach in beautiful Scilly - did not cost a fortune, a wonderful day........ yes we told our families - had a party when we returned from honeymoon - I would not have changed a thing, no regrets.... we both have grown children and a more "conventional" wedding would have been difficult and stressful. Splashed out on some great wedding photos on the beach - go for it!

Weareallmadeofstars Mon 28-Sep-15 12:56:19

Thanks Chimp, your wedding day sounds wonderful smile flowers

spudlike1 Mon 28-Sep-15 13:47:42

I think chimpfields wedding sounds wonderful. I think the big expensive 'conventional' wedding is a huge con.
involve your family as much as you can afterwards share your happiness and the reasons for your decision , they love you the will be happy for you

HellKitty Mon 28-Sep-15 13:53:59

I wish we were. Our small wedding has spiralled. We can only get 8 guests in the reg office and future MiL thinks we'll still be able to squeeze in 20+ ..... it's going to be a nightmare. And this is without my side of the family and their fuck ups.

Please elope!

spudlike1 Mon 28-Sep-15 13:58:00

Yes ours spiralled ...most expensive and stressfull days of my life ...pleasing everyone else

Ragwort Mon 28-Sep-15 14:00:11

We didn't exactly 'elope' but had an incredibly small wedding - three witnesses at the registrar office plus two extra for lunch afterwards. That was it.

I wouldn't exactly use the phrase 'eloping' for what you are planning, that implies some sort of secrecy/deception. Why not just be upfront and say you are planning a quiet wedding. Presumably you are both grown adults?

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