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Dating after break up

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tanyadm Tue 22-Sep-15 15:57:21

My marriage ended last year, exceptionally amicably, and it's all very lovely and my girls' dad and I are still good friends.

I've pondered dating for a few months, and dabbled in (and hated) online dating, so that hasn't worked out.

I was at a gig with a friend in August, and a couple of his friends were with us. I've struck up a friendship with one of them, and it's become very gently flirty.

I registered with the Guardian dating site the other night, and the first match it threw up was this same man. Last night I realised in a panic that he would see that I'd viewed his profile, so I messaged him pre-empting it (on a 'how much luck have you had with online dating' basis). There followed a lovely chat about dating, in which I've managed to ascertain he's not seeing anyone and dislikes OLD as much as I do, and he asked what sort of man I was looking for, and signed off with a very cute message.

I messaged him this morning and actually asked him out - having never asked anyone out in my life. I know that no bloke would want to be described thus, but he's cute as a button, and behaves in a really attentive and interested way.

So this post is just to kill some time until a rejection or otherwise is forthcoming.

Moving on feels weird and exciting!

HappyGirlNow Tue 22-Sep-15 20:21:02

Ooh have you heard back OP? grin

SmallLegsOrSmallEggs Tue 22-Sep-15 20:22:21

Fingers crossed.

tanyadm Tue 22-Sep-15 21:58:43

Yes, and he is interested, which will make life interesting. About to move house and start a new job in the next fortnight, why not throw a new man into the mix! grin

VeritySmithers Wed 23-Sep-15 08:55:26

Great! Now sit back and let him do some of the running.

pocketsaviour Wed 23-Sep-15 08:57:40

Awesome! Good luck smile

tanyadm Wed 23-Sep-15 09:03:05

That's the plan, VeritySmithers! wink

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