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Discreet introduction/dating agencies - does anyone have any recommendations?

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Birena Tue 15-Sep-15 21:43:10

Hi all, have namechanged for this so apols in advance!

I have been separated/divorced since 2012. I have had one boyfriend since then which ended this year.

I still have my ex husband's surname because my kids have that name and it's easier to travel with them. My ex-h is in the public eye and my job is quite public too (though not as much as his). We both discussed the fact that we may want to do online dating and concluded that we would not be able to do this due to our jobs.

I have googled some introduction agencies and there are loads but they all cost a fortune (most are many thousands of pounds though I won't go in at this level) and I don't want to join one without a personal recommendation. Does anyone have any recommendations?

annandale Tue 15-Sep-15 21:50:41

I heard nice things about the service at Drawing Down the Moon but it wasn't successful in terms of a relationship for the person I knew, and it was expensive.

You could invest instead in ramping up your social life so that you just meet more people. Could be more fun tbh.

Birena Tue 15-Sep-15 21:56:22

Hi Anna, I have been trying to do that but my problem is time. I work FT and have the kids all the time except every second weekend. A lot of my friends are still married which means going out and meeting other single people is actually proving harder than I thought!

annandale Tue 15-Sep-15 22:03:54

I'd still say, go and meet more people. So what if they're married, they will have brothers, friends and work colleagues who aren't. Get a regular babysitter, one night a week, and join a theatre club or a social club of some kind. Give drinks parties (more people than dinner parties, less exhausting).

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