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Is he cheating?

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whisperingeye1 Sat 12-Sep-15 10:24:11

My husband has been complaining of 'an unusual skin condition' in a very sensitive place. It started quite suddenly and has gone on for a while. I am beginning to think that maybe he has contracted some sort of sti. He has never had this 'problem' before and it has come quite out of the blue. He won't let me see it which is making me even more suspicious. Have asked him about it but he just brushes it off. Last night I asked him outright if he was cheating and he denied it. what should I do?

TokenGinger Sat 12-Sep-15 10:29:03

Tell him to do and get checked out. Herpes can lie dormant for years. Both of you could have it without knowing. You could have been the one to give it to him.

He's best getting checked out whilst it's there so he can get a diagnosis.

If you have no other reason to suspect he's cheating, you're being very unfair. Not only does he have an embarrassing problem which he's too embarrassed to show you, his wife thinks he's cheating too.

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sat 12-Sep-15 10:33:11

It could just be a sweat rash or something. Tell him to see his GP and cut him some slack.

whisperingeye1 Sat 12-Sep-15 10:36:52

I have asked him to go to the GP but he won't.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 12-Sep-15 10:48:26

What are his reasons for not going to the GP?. Fear, embarrassment or shame?. He was probably hoping it would go of its own accord and it has not. There are many skin conditions as well and its likely not been sexually transmitted. I would remind him that the GP has seen all this before and far more besides. No-one has ever died of embarrassment.

Oysterbabe Sat 12-Sep-15 10:58:00

Ex developed a skin condition and it turned out to be thrush. He needs to get a diagnosis.

Joysmum Sat 12-Sep-15 12:14:38

DH had a problem, left it and left it and left it.

Eventually went to his doc who said thrush and told me doc made s throwaway comment about getting it from me. I was angry beyond fucking belief angry

Turned out to be recurring and then he was diagnosed with diabetes. That's one of the signals.

donajimena Sat 12-Sep-15 12:32:47

I had vulval dermatitis. Not an STI at all but it was bloody painful.
His reluctance to get it checked out is baffling though.

donajimena Sat 12-Sep-15 12:33:56

It was unfair to accuse him of cheating without a dx though..

ChickenTikkaMassala Sat 12-Sep-15 12:46:02

I sometimes get dry skin down there, it can look a bit weird and red but if my wife accused me of cheating because of a skin condition etc I'd be pissed off.

Whisperingeye1 Sat 12-Sep-15 14:48:26

Will apologise to him. Thanks for all your posts. Will try and encourage him to the GP.

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