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I want a boyfriend.

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Tellmethereishope Fri 11-Sep-15 11:21:44

Feeling very sad today. I want a boyfriend. Someone nice, lighthearted & fun. Someone whose sex drive matches mine. Surely there's someone nice for me out there? I'm slim, pretty & lonely. The dates I've met from OLD either have anger/mental health issues or have turned out to be impotent. sad Feeling very sad, I have so much to offer. I have a sunny character, lots of friends, hobbies & interests but there is a man-sized gap in my life. Will it ever get any better?

RealityCheque Fri 11-Sep-15 11:40:54


pocketsaviour Fri 11-Sep-15 12:30:55

The dates I've met from OLD either have anger/mental health issues or have turned out to be impotent.

There are a lot of strange people out there, but also a lot of nice people.

How many dates have you been on through OLD? Do you think there's some red flags you're not picking up on before agreeing to dates (or after the first date)?

travellinglighter Fri 11-Sep-15 13:16:30

I agree with Pocketsaviour, are you subconsciously picking wrong??uns? I have done a fair bit of OLD and had a couple of relationships. The vast majority have been lovely but no chemistry. I have met a couple of weirdos but not many.

virgospirit Fri 11-Sep-15 22:20:03

focus on what you have got rather than what you haven't got.

holeinmyheart Sat 12-Sep-15 01:17:41

When you are very young at school you are among people who are your age, when you are in University, you are also amongst people of your own age. Then when you are in work , you are not.

To find someone who suits you , you actually need to trawl through a lot of people. It can be done with lots of effort and planning.

Decide what you like and list your interests and then peruse them, I like books so I would go to the Hay Literary festival. ( lots of scrumpy interesting young men there)

I like walking so I would join a walking group, preferably a large one. I would volunteer at a Cricket club or a Rugby club as there are lots of young Men there. I would work part time as a barmaid ( even if I was a Lawyer ) in a Rugby club,Football or Cricket club. If you are as pretty as you say, you should have no trouble.

Ask all your friends to introduce you to their brothers.

I would join up to as many dating agencies as I could afford and ignore the Photos and go on every date, expecting nothing. Every night of the week.

I would join' Spice ' as I like sport etc, etc, any extreme sport attracts young men.

If you see a bloke you like the look of in a pub, drop something on the floor near him and accidently brush his leg when picking it up and say ' Oh sorry' and that should start a conversation.

But don't sit at home thinking, as you will never meet a bloke there.

Flowerpower41 Sat 12-Sep-15 05:42:52

Why don't you join meet up groups and socialise with those that way you meet men and women in everyday settings and it isn't a dating scenario so something naturally might evolve from one of those.

I wouldn't join them with that expectation however but it is certainly an option.

Oysterbabe Sat 12-Sep-15 07:50:53

I would persevere with the OLD.
I met my DH there but had to kiss a good few frogs.

rouxlebandit Sat 12-Sep-15 07:57:55

I've never heard of meetup groups so googled it. So many different ones for
all interests. Great advice for OP or anyone for whom OLD is not working.

Flowerpower41 Sun 13-Sep-15 17:51:21

Yes meetup is great if you can afford childcare or are lucky enough to have free childcare e.g. reliable ex or family support. I have neither! I have done it in the past and met lots of interesting people.

Would definitely do it again in the blink of an eye.

4 more years before I can leave ds indoors alone and enjoy a night out - I am wishing my life away aren't I lol.

DisillusionedGoat Sun 13-Sep-15 18:07:01

Great advice on this thread. I am off to waitress at local football/cricket/rugby club...grin

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