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Domestic abuse and court?

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DogWalker75 Wed 09-Sep-15 21:58:59

I currently in the process of taking my ex to court so I can get a prohibited steps order and a residence order for our DS (2).

There was a lot of abuse during our relationship (his behaviour) and he made several threats, which is why I want these orders in place before he has contact outside of a contact centre. He has also attempted to commit suicide several times, and threatened it many times as part of his controlling behaviour. I want to know that I can get DS back if I feel he is at harm/ that ex can't snatch him from nursery etc.

My solicitor has sent me a C1A form to sign (she filled in the rest of it). I never disclosed the abuse to her, so she has left the DA section blank. I am going to see her tmw to discuss this further and see how much is relevant/ if I need to put it all on this form.

I was feeling relatively calm about all of this, but now the apt is getting closer, I'm becoming really anxious. Has anybody ever discussed their experiences of DA in a family court? I am so worried about not being believed, especially if it will count against me! sad

I know nobody can answer me, I'm just looking for reassurance/ a place to vent.

TisILeclerc Wed 09-Sep-15 23:42:02

Yes, I have Dog. What do you want to know, lovely? I'll help to the best of my abilities.

DogWalker75 Thu 10-Sep-15 00:25:58

Hi Tis, thanks for replying. I don't know really. I suppose anything about the experience that you're willing to share because I know nothing about what to expect really. I'm worried that I won't be believed/ supported mainly. I have a great solicitor (nice as well as v knowledgeable) but I'm worried about the family court side of it. I know WA have a dim view of our court system wrt DA victims.

Other things whiting round my head are: how much evidence do I need to prove that he was abusive? What impact will this have on the court's decision? Can they force me to start communicating with ex again? (I've changed my number and we communicate via the contact centre only, as he and his family were so utterly vile to me every single day for 9/10 months that it became unbearable.

Sorry if I'm rambling. I knows solicitor is the best person to ask, but I'm so anxious atm sad

DogWalker75 Thu 10-Sep-15 00:26:36

Whirring *

TisILeclerc Thu 10-Sep-15 13:51:35

Sorry for the delay - I'm suffering with my tonsils again at the mo angry

When I got a prohibited steps order it was at an emergency hearing and it was pretty much all on my say so although my ex had completed a perpetrator programme previously. Ongoing there was no evidence offered but he admitted a lot.

Wrt contact ongoing, he is only allowed to contact me by email. I bought a ??10 payg phone for him to call the kids. He's not allowed anywhere near my house. I have a fast response marker on the house should I need to call the police.

Is there anyone from wa who could accompany you?

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