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Am I making enough effort to mix and socialise?

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Sunnyfeet Tue 08-Sep-15 14:48:21

I’ve name-changed for this. I’ve posted here before, I’ve often been anxious that I don’t socialise enough. I’ve also worried that I don’t have enough friends.

At 46 (happily married, no kids, full time job that I enjoy) I’m a bit too old for wild nights out/clubbing – but I have four individual friends (what I mean by that, is that they don’t know each other, it’s not a group of four) who I meet up with regularly for coffee, lunch and occasional concerts/shows etc. So I usually have at least one social arrangement each week, which is usually at lunch time.

I also do a weekly yoga class, attend our local WI (once a month) and am a member of a book club (also meets monthly).

I spend the majority of weekend time with DH - he likes his golf and squash, and I go to the gym, so we both have some individual hobby time. And sometimes we’ll have drinks with another couple on a Friday/Saturday night. Weekends work well for DH and I, however (maybe due to Facebook) I’m beginning to wonder if I’m normal?

I don’t want to become a hermit/introvert/social failure. I have a happy life apart from this niggling worry maybe I should be doing more. Maybe I should stop comparing myself to other people. Is it OK to enjoy a quiet life because I honestly don’t have the time, energy or inclination to do a lot more?

BrandNewAndImproved Tue 08-Sep-15 14:50:22

I think your life sounds lovely op, do what makes you happy. Imagine if suddenly you became a social butterfly without anytime for yourself. How would you have the time for your book club books and the gym.

Sunnyfeet Tue 08-Sep-15 15:02:19

Thank you BrandNew - I suppose I just need 'permission' to socialise like a woman in her 40s, and not a teenager ....... !!

Redredwinegoestomyhead Tue 08-Sep-15 15:16:11

I think what you describe as your social life sounds perfect. Anymore and you would be exhausted combined with ft employment. I'm a similar age to you and work pt & have a similar social life.

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