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Relationship after a healthscare

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zubizou87 Fri 28-Aug-15 14:01:43

Hi I'm new here and I sometimes feel a bit intimidated opening up to other women. Don't ask me why I just get nervous hence I'm online!

I've been in my relationship for almost two years, I'm 27 and our relationship has been really happy and very loving. I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor about six months ago and while it is small and treatable with a daily pill the lead up to it was really stressful. I was worried I couldn't have children or would need an operation. He was amazing but I don't think we are really old enough to cope with what we have just been through. I'm still recovering from it, even though it's treatable and hasn't really affected my quality of life physically. I have started getting terrible anxiety and hypochondria. I keep thinking of my body as something that is broken and prone to fail.

I am not married nor do I have any children yet but this has affected our romantic life and our sex life. I feel like we were young people having fun and we got robbed of our honeymoon period and thrown into something really serious that I didn't expect to be dealing with until I was much older.
How do I rekindle my relationship? Is it possible?

I miss the relationship feeling shiny and exciting and I wish feeling sexy and desirable instead of worried and unwell.

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