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How do i help my friend?

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MyLovelyFriend2015 Thu 27-Aug-15 16:56:42

My friend is married, no dcs

She and dh went through a rough time last year (big situation regarding people who are no longer friends - not detailing as might out them - but i'm not sure its all the other sides fault)

since then (and maybe a bit before) she always seems to have a black cloud hanging around her, her job is awful (eg if she uses leave, then she has to catch up when she returns)

DH cannot work, got PIP then it was removed - not sure on the details?

she has no money, no hope and i find it really hard to help... I love her to bits but i'm a "lets make the best of things" kind of person, rather than a 'wallower in woe is me" - its all "oh i wish i could do that, but i cant" type posts when she sees someone doing something a bit fun on fb (even like going to the park)

and i find it hard to not say "well why dont you then" or "oh just snap out of it" - i know that wouldn't help anyone (before anyone points out that its not helpful)

I'm not a heartless cow and i really want to help, but am at my wits end

Wando Thu 27-Aug-15 17:30:08

There are no easy answers - perhaps she could change her job, maybe she could try and find a free club/society to join to make her life more interesting? Others will have good ideas

pocketsaviour Thu 27-Aug-15 18:16:20

Has she always had a bit of a negative attitude, or does this seem to be more recent?

She does sound depressed. Do you see much of her in person?

MyLovelyFriend2015 Thu 27-Aug-15 18:28:05

I see her sometimes - once or twice a month?

I think she does have depression

Wando Thu 27-Aug-15 18:46:33

Then please try and get her to see her GP - she needs medical help.

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