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It happened again

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Freakingthefeckout Fri 14-Aug-15 21:49:15

Nutshell version of previous thread: Nanny working with family, Mboss attempted suicide, Dboss has cancer, nobody coping.

I took a week long break after having the children at my house for a while to give the parents a break, was concerned Mboss had flat effect but she assured me she was due to see therapist and everything is okay. I arrived today as agreed to put kids to bed to find that she'd attempted suicide again and is in the hospital. Nobody rang to tell me, I just walked in as they were waiting on crisis care.

I'm in shock, can talk to nobody except mumsnet. Mboss could be away for a month and Dboss is useless with the children and in general. I have day job to go to during the week otherwise I'd drop everything to look after them.

No idea what to do now. Can someone talk to me please?

Smilingforth Fri 14-Aug-15 22:00:56

I'm not the right person to give you advice but all I can say is my thoughts are with you. flowers

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