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Why this numb, emotionless feeling?

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tweets79 Fri 14-Aug-15 16:17:38

This year seems to be a haze for several reasons but I am realising I am struggling.

My marriage has kind of gone downhill due to a few different factors including drink and drugs, nothing major but its still the elephant in the room. I really try to just accept things but the resentment has kind of grown. H is far from being out of it but I feel he has so much "his time" compared to me. Generally he doesn't tidy etc unless I ask him too, he seems to think I don't need the same break he has after work!

I know its nothing major but im starting to feel really sad that this could be my life, im really struggling to feel emotions and I cant understand how I can change this, I hate feeling so emotionless, yet I feel really bad that I may hurt him or that I am going against him.

Im quite happy at work as I feel I can be completely myself and relax, I cant understand what is going on with me.

Twitterqueen Fri 14-Aug-15 16:23:27

OP I don't find your post clear enough to respond to properly.
Who has the drugs and drink problem? And why are you trying to accept this?
Why and how are you going to hurt him?
Being lazy around the house is something you can sort.

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