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Could he be cheating?

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xxx28xxx Fri 07-Aug-15 18:01:47

There's no evidence as such, it's just a gut feeling that something isn't right...currently pregnant with no 2 so this could all be in my head but I just feel things are a bit off.

We haven't had sex in months (similar to when I was preg with dc1), I really don't think he finds me attractive when pregnant. I'm the size of small house and only half way through so I feel really crap within myself. Am trying to make more of an effort with my appearance, to boost my self esteem rather than for him.

He goes to the gym daily (something we used to do together) before work so it down at impact on family time but suddenly he has all these gym friends. Some male, some female and I just feel a bit crap about it. It was a hobby we used to share and now it feels like I'm missing out on a big chunk of his life. Plus he's getting fitter and healthier and I'm just getting fatter sad

When we were out today he got a txt which has now been deleted, he got the message on route to gym. Now it could be spam as we both get spam texts but part of me is just suspicious.

I don't know what to think, is it hormones or is he a cheating pig? If he is up to something then I'm done, he knows how shit I feel at the moment so it really would be a low blow.

I want things to be good again but we were only just getting back on track after dc1 and then I fell pregnant with no2...sorry for the pity party, just have no hobbies of my own other than childcare at the moment and housework sad

pocketsaviour Fri 07-Aug-15 19:43:45

Well yes he could be cheating, but so could anyone.

Has he started guarding his phone/tablet/laptop?

What happens when you initiate sex, is he turning you down?

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