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Naughty thoughts about my coworker

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bridie69 Wed 05-Aug-15 17:10:42

I cannot post in sex topic as I have been here less than 90 days apparently. I guess it is also relationship related. I have not been active romantically or sexually for 8 years since losing my husband. For 1 reason and another I have recently felt desirable again. I have had such incredibly naughty thoughts about my colleague which I would never have had before. I will never act on them but their intensity has surprised me. He is a quiet man who keeps to himself but I have taken to avoiding the poor guy not that we are in the same departments just to allow me to cool down. I love the way I feel, tbh and the intensity is heightened by the thought he will never know. .Am I alone in these awakenings?

notrocketscience Wed 05-Aug-15 17:15:18

There is something quite sweet about waiting for 90 days before sex! Might save an awful lot of heartaches...

Is said Co-worker available for unimaginable naughtiness?

HPsauciness Wed 05-Aug-15 17:17:19

This is all perfectly normal to me, nothing to be embarrassed about.

The only thing is you did post a lot of identifiable info on your other thread about your son's job and where he's moving to (unlikely to be anyone else with exactly those choices).

I don't think it inappropriate to talk about this at all, just wondered if you'd thought through the implications of posting this alongside the other post.

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