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Moving forward

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Fuckup Wed 05-Aug-15 10:47:05

Hi this may be the wrong topic so if anyone has a suggestion where it could be moved that would be helpful.

Me and dp haven't been getting along so well recently, mainly me (for reasons I won't go into but are available on my other threads). We are starting to think about a trial seperation, or at least separate housing to ease the tension. This is where its difficult as we only just struggle to get by paying rent on one place. Dp earns about £500- £600, and I about £250 per month. Plus £50 a week child tax credit and standard cb. On this there is no way we could afford two places, especially not 2 beds so DC could stay at both places.

Dp can stay where we are and negotiate less rent (as it is a family owned property) but how can I afford a place, cheapest rent for 2 bed is about £480 for the most bottom end of the scale, and even that seems almost impossible on my earnings. I can't work more hrs as I work shifts around dp so we can share childcare, as his hrs change on a weekly basis (we are both minimum wage shift workers).

Would I be entitled to housing benefit whilst I try to sort something out? I feel crappy saying that as we should be able survive but honestly we work all we can and it still seems impossible. I know council lists are very long and I most likely wouldn't get somewhere for years, by which time me and dp might be far less amicable. Please has anyone got any suggestions how this could work or been in a similar situation?

thelonggame Wed 05-Aug-15 18:49:48

what a sad situation to find yourself in. flowers
Have a look at to work out your benefits.
It would be useful for you to go to Citizens Advice too, they'll be able to offer practical advice for you.

Fuckup Wed 05-Aug-15 22:31:08

thanks thelonggame was giving up hope them sad thanks for the advice will check out cab and the link. it seems I would be entitled to hb. just don't know what to do for the best...

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