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Mother critical of the way I think

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Rubylee87 Mon 03-Aug-15 22:45:58

I am staying at my mum's house this week and we were watching a documentary about Bruce Jenner and his gender transition to a female.
We were watching the part where he 'came out' to his family and it was lovely how supportive and accepting they were. All the way through, my mum kept saying 'I don't think they should be so accepting, WHY are they ok with it? I would be shocked' and 'she's too proud, why is she flaunting it in people's faces?' and things like that. She seemed confused that the family were even agreeing to be there. I said 'I think it's nice how supportive they are as it can't be easy to be transgender.'

She then got personal, saying things like 'well that's just like you to be all over people like this. You're in support of everything!'

I asked what she meant and she made a remark about how I've always been 'like that' and that I never agree with her. I asked if she meant that I try not to be judgemental about people and she wouldn't answer. She then accused me of calling her judgemental when I said no such thing. I just said that I wasn't!

I've had to leave the room as she's made me quite cross. I feel like I'm
always being made to feel like I'm in the wrong for thinking a certain way. I feel worried about expressing any opinion as you can guarantee it will be against what she thinks.

She is very prejudiced against certain groups of people and I hate it. I find it hard to believe she raised me sometimes, as my thoughts and beliefs are almost the polar opposite of hers. Just feeling quite hurt and annoyed and am not looking forward to the rest of this week. Considering cutting it short.

pocketsaviour Mon 03-Aug-15 22:52:31

I'd have to leave and come home early. Can't be doing with bigots, especially ones to whom I'm related.

Cinders12 Mon 03-Aug-15 23:02:09

I would need to walk away given what she said

Rubylee87 Mon 03-Aug-15 23:08:05

It's so difficult because her views on some things are bigoted and I suppose that came from her own parents. But she would never express these opinions outside the house, she's respectful to everyone she meets. It's just when she's at home she says these things.

I don't know how to deal with it as it makes me really angry. I end up arguing with her and then she turns on me and I get criticised when I've done nothing wrong. It makes visiting her very hard.

mrsmeerkat Mon 03-Aug-15 23:13:11

Mine is the same. We know a young male widow who lost is wife a few years ago and she will shout about how it is a disgrace that he has met someone else. I will say that I think it is lovely and he has suffered enough. She will criticise me then say I am too sensitive.

Cocalite Tue 04-Aug-15 00:12:42

You have to take some excuse of their age and culture but there are lines in a modern society and I'd feel very uncomfortable listening to the above

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