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Need some advice

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C0rdelia Mon 03-Aug-15 01:43:54

My mother paid over €3000 for tickets for my brother and sons to fly over from America for a 12 day holiday. I took 2 weeks off work because I was so excited to see them. He has been more interested in catching up with old friends and keeps going away for overnight trips. Last week I planned to go home to see them, but the night I was planning to go over,I found out that he was spending the day with my other brother and going out for a meal with sil. I paid 300 quid towards the tickets and I'm distressed that he can find money to travel all around UK to visit friends,I'm distressed that I was left out of the meal. I'm distressed that he treats my parents like a hotel. He goes back tomorrow and I'm so upset that he hasn't made time for me or my parents.

C0rdelia Mon 03-Aug-15 01:46:51

I'm distraught that my two brothers and sil went out for meal and stay over with the children and I wasn't invited.

goddessofsmallthings Mon 03-Aug-15 02:25:06

How long ago were the tickets booked and are you particularly close to this db and his dc?

How much time have you spent with him and your dns since he's been home?

Had you made arrangements to meet up with him on the night he had a meal with your sil after spending the day with your other brother, and were you planning to stay overnight with your dps? Does your other brother live near you or does he live nearer to your dps?

Why did you take 2 weeks off work when it doesn't appear there was any plan for all of your family to spend the entire duration of his 12 day trip together? Does your other brother live near you or does he live nearer to your dps?

Surely it's up to your dps as to whether they're happy to have your db treat their home like a hotel and, if he doesn't get to spend many vacations in the UK, it's understandable that he wanted to see old friends as well as family in the short time that he was in the UK.

I apologise for all of the questions but it seems to me that your post needs more context before any considered opinion can be given.

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