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Getting over someone

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stuckinahole Sat 01-Aug-15 07:16:38

I'm not young & I've been about shall we say!

I have a DC with someone who I never really had a relationship with. I see him very sporadically, however, he really is a total bastard & I just can't seem to get over him & move on.

I delete all his contact details etc, never contact him & then he clicks his fingers & off I go running! What is wrong with me???? He is such bad news for me & is hideous for my mental state of mind.

He doesn't really show any interest in DC (he does financially)

We can never have a proper relationship so I don't know why & how I am so fucking obsessed with him!!!!

It's driving me insane, I really, really want free of this man. My heart can't take anymore - it's just awful.

I saw him last week briefly (got too drunk as was so nervous) can't really remember anything so feel hideous remorse & now left feeling vulnerable & insecure.

HOW DO I GET OVER THIS MAN!! How do I rid my life of him.

(If he ever wants a relationship with DC then I of course would never stand in the way)

But this man is bad for me, he's not horrible, nasty or anything just I can't have him & ultimately wouldn't even want him, serial philanderer etc ....

Please help me, please give me some tools to stop this horrific emotional roller coaster - I've had enough & can't take anymore pain in my heart & head.

I have to be strong for my DC & not let him grow up with Mummy being sad, it's not fair & I'm an idiot for not just putting a stop to it. HELP!!!! I just want to move on & be over him.

Fed up of being so hurt confused

I don't have the greatest past when it comes to relationships, I seem to go for the most dysfunctional men I can find hmm

Thanks for reading this far

pocketsaviour Sat 01-Aug-15 14:05:50

Does this thread ring any bells for you?

stuckinahole Mon 03-Aug-15 22:21:40

Woah! Thought that was all a myth. You've nailed it

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