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Your thought on sharing/jobs together

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Mini05 Wed 29-Jul-15 19:55:34

it seems that I seem to be the only one that does most things in our house!!

DP never seems to be interested in any DIY, painting,fixing things(ie doors)
It's always me that as to do it!! Like last time I painted the garage doors(whilst he decided he was going out that afternoon) then later came back trying to tell me where I'd missed!
Today said he was going picking few bits up, bottle orange juice! 2 hours went for a coffee! I started to clean the brick drive getting weeds out that looked a mess. After about half an hour after he came back he decided to join me in helping with the sweeping up.
The shower tray as lost some of the grout round the tray, and as leaked down onto kitchen ceiling(he showed me this morning) so he knew about it but as left it all day supposedly thinking I'd do it(which I did last time) well I haven't!!

It just feels that I have to do all the donkey work, even when he cuts the lawn then round the sides he leaves the grass on the soil (so the weeds/grass grows there) everything is half done. I then have to do the borders the digging over, which is becoming harder for me.
We've just had new fencing put in, so there's lots of stones,concrete that wants moving out of the soil, it was me that started to clean this up he sat on his laptop and watched me do it for well over an hour then helped move the bin back!

I know he's not a DIY man, but it pisses me off how he knows things need doing and will never instigate starting anything apart from cutting the grass.
I feel like I'm the male sometimes, because he will stand and let me do the heavy work.
He will Hoover the lounge rug, but never think of hoovering the bedrooms, mopping the bathroom floor or clean shower or toilet.

I'm I a moaning git, I have mentioned these things but he never takes them on. This just makes me angry and I feel like I'm being taken for granted.
The more this happens the more I am building up resentment.

How do I get round this, through this without it causing a I getting it all out of context?
How does your household work?

LovesPeace Wed 29-Jul-15 20:11:46

My ex was exactly like that, a lazy bastard.
He would promise to do things but never bothered his arse. When I would drag the mower out to mow the lawn (after two or three weeks) he'd come racing out screaming that I was a bitch who was trying to make him look bad.
He'd then wrestle the mower off me, I'd go off to do some other job, at which point he'd abandon the mower, follow me screaming abuse again, and try to stop me doing the new task.
That got old, fast.
Get rid, he's never going to change, it's all about disrespect, control and abusing your partner with these areseholes.

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