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post-separation counselling

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wetcrow Mon 27-Jul-15 08:34:58


Wondering if anyone had experience of this and if it helped? Am separating from H, his decision, but have had a long and frank chat finally after 5 years and I can see where things went wrong (or perhaps were always wrong) but wondering if it would help to talk to someone and work through any issues so they don't come up again in future relationships.

It looks like we are going to have to move in together for 6 months (selling house) so he can support me whilst I go back to work (been off for 2 years on parental leave) and we don't know anyone in the area. I am looking at places to move once the 6 months are up but realistically I think I am going to need his support for now without throwing myself in at the deep end. It's a really sad and weird time and so trying to make sure I can make the transition to single person and working again as smooth as possible with minimal impact on my daughter.

Thanks for reading.

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