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Dating while pregnant

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Shelbycobra Sun 26-Jul-15 23:18:58

I've recently started seeing somebody after the dad of bump has been unpleasant.
This guy knows I'm pregnant and accepts it, but he seems very untrustworthy with loyalty..
I really was hoping he'd be a stable guy but recently he's been tilting his phone away when he gets messages and I've spotted a name of a girl he openly admitted wanted to be with him that way and had apparently told he wasn't interested.
Also he seems to think it's redeemable to speak openly about how hot girls are in public and even what he would like to do to these women that are 3-4 meters away from me, but when we're alone he is loving, attentive and really nice to be around.

I don't know what to do/ say as its only been a month or 2 so we aren't serious but I don't want to leave it too late and get hurt or baby seeing any arguments or bad atmosphere as soon as its born..

Any advice?

SelfLoathing Sun 26-Jul-15 23:22:47

I would absolutely forget about dating 100% until well after your baby is born. Your child is the most important thing and you need to establish a working routine and life with him/her before you look at slotting anyone else into it.

The chances of a man dating a woman pregnant with a child that is not his being serious about her I would rate as very low. More likely to figure it's a strings free sex opportunity -given that very shortly you'll be otherwise occupied.

CalmYourselfTubbs Sun 26-Jul-15 23:35:42

i would park the dating until after the baby has been born.

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Sun 26-Jul-15 23:35:43

I agree 100% with everything SelfLoathing has just said. Concentrate on you and bump. This is such a magical time. You don't want to waste it worrying about some idiot man.

canweseethebunnies Sun 26-Jul-15 23:53:52

I also agree that you just shouldn't date while pregnant. I am not judgemental about it, but I just think 'Why?' My experience of pregnancy is that I'm a hormonal needy wreck. It's really not a good time to choose a man!

Focus on having your baby. The relationship is already adding stress at a difficult time and it will get more difficult when you have a newborn. Don't make life harder than it needs to be. Honestly, you don't need the hassle!

Cabrinha Mon 27-Jul-15 00:00:08

Your pregnancy is irrelevant.

You're dating someone who you call untrustworthy, who tilts his phone away and who unashamedly looks at other women and TELLS you what he'd like to do to them.

Why are you with this nasty piece if shit?

Because you're pregnant, feel vulnerable, lonely, have a messed up view of relationships after an "unpleasant" ex?

No woman, pregnant or otherwise, should be with a man who so utterly disrespects her as to openly tell her he wants to fuck other women angry

FortyCoats Mon 27-Jul-15 00:01:07

Well, as usual, I'll probably be on my own with this opinion but I'll put it out there anyway....

I don't see any issue with dating while your pg. I do see a problem with the guy you're currently dating, just doesn't seem right imo but dating in general? Why not? You could meet a lovely guy. Just be careful and if you're really into him, take things slow and see if he sticks around.

<<waits to be told I should be banned from giving advice confused>>

Shelbycobra Mon 27-Jul-15 00:30:00

Because he has been great up until now I didn't know whether or not to give him a chance..

He's spoke about a relationship coming out of it and I've met his family and friends I didn't want to throw it away by being paranoid.
He tilts his phone away but I can still see what he's put, hence how I saw the name do you think he could have wanted me to see for a reaction?

I agree it's not the best idea being pregnant but if I thought he'd be a 'piece of shit' I wouldn't have gone there..
With us both being mechanics in the same company and keeping it discreet I though it could be a front for our work colleagues because he didn't want them to catch on which I don't want them too either..

As for my ex I was on contraception and caught unexpectedly, he didn't take it well and we had already split when I found out but his immaturity led me to block him from messaging me until I have to contact him.

Are your views still the same?

UrethraFranklin1 Mon 27-Jul-15 00:31:34

Hes being a dick after only a month. He is not a long term prospect, simple as that.

Stingingthistle Mon 27-Jul-15 00:39:10

Sounds a train wreck.

He's not a keeper and personally I'd probably put dating on the back burner for now.

Cabrinha Mon 27-Jul-15 10:49:20

Yeah, my view is still that he's a piece of shit. He tells you what he wants to do to other women? Eeeeewwwww.
Why aren't you worth being treated better than that?

Goodbyemylove Mon 27-Jul-15 10:52:24

Definitely call it a day. He is awful. Telling you what he wants to do to other women around you? How disrespectful.

And I would also forget dating while you're pregnant. You need all the time and headspace you can get.

Newbrummie Mon 27-Jul-15 10:52:28

Your hormones will be up the wall, your dickhead radar won't be working properly. Wait til you are back to your fabulous self, in control and in a happy place before you date then you won't even need to ask these questions.

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