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Off my chest

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Passinglimits15 Sat 25-Jul-15 20:32:23

Bear with me here I have just registered cause I just needed somewhere to vent. In the process of separating still in house together and I have tried to hold it together as much as possible but struggling right now. Alcohol has played a large part of my husbands life and a major reason for separating along with his depression and anger issues, and while I do the usual family/ house/ kids he goes drinking again. I'm sat here now fuming and so sad cause the only time he has anytime for kids is after a drink I really wish he would just move out. I Have tried to leave emotion out of things and have done for most of the time but I just feel like Ive been pushed to my limit. I've always worked sorted house kids while he has been unemployed for most ( not all the time). The house is up for sale and I'm not sure I want to sell cause I can afford mortgage and everything without him and its not like I don't want him to see the kids cause that's not fair on the them but oh I don't know what I'm looking for I'm just so upset right now��

Morganly Sat 25-Jul-15 20:59:17

OK, firstly, you've obviously made the right decision in separating. Well done.

This bit now, while you are waiting to live separately is hard, but it will end. You just need to keep your head down and keep moving forward and one day you will be free. At least if he's off out drinking he's out of your hair. Have you got separate bedrooms so you can escape from him when things get too much? Can you and the children go and visit relatives for some of the summer holiday to get a bit of break?

If he has no income he's not going to go away till he has somewhere else to live and presumably he can't do that until you sell the house? Unless you can buy him out?

Passinglimits15 Sat 25-Jul-15 21:30:07

Thank you for your reply. Yes have separate rooms thank god but he came home after having a few drinks and it just got to me. I have already taken the kids off to a friends just to get away and will do it again soon. He had gotten work and was going to look to rent so I could stay here with kids but has lost job already( he is with agency only recent so nothing steady). Someone came to view house and it would suit him more to sell, as he would buy a one bed apt local but I would have to move further away for 3 bed and it's going to be harder for the kids I feel so guilty.

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