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Really struggled with friendships lately!

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Thatslife72 Mon 20-Jul-15 20:13:14

I just need to get this off my chest, been getting me down a bit lately. I have moved a round quite a lot so it's been difficult to maintain friendships, though I do stay in touch with with long term friends that I've known since school, and we visit each other etc, however I have lived here now for 4 years and I have met people, one I became really close to and saw her virtually every day, she was going through a hard time and I saw less of her, and then she fell out with me because another person befriended me who she didn't like, it was playground stuff, she also was rude to my bf who was new then it seemed some sort of jealousy. She called me some very nasty names, threatened me etc. a year later she apologised but it will never be the same again it just doesn't feel right. I met a friend through work who I think will be a friend for life which is good, and I did start to meet people through her and was invited to things but then I became ill I mean very ill, and rather than offering help I feel people just thought I should just get on with it. I did as I have 2 children and live on my own but I was very ill and it was extremely difficult and I was upset with the lack of support. Since then things haven't been the same,there's been various social events but I'm not invited anymore, I think people got fed up of me and I know some judged me as I was ill for about 4 months. It's horrible seeing them do things on Facebook etc.

I am in a good relationship now have been for 3 years and I'm really close to my children and my dp's children so I'm fine doing things with them but I just get so fed up of these so called friends. I never really became close with people at my children's school either, I'm chatty and have a laugh with them etc but not close. I just find them a bit strange, one lady said her child was coming to my sons birthday party it was his best friend, then she didn't turn up, I text to see why but no reply and then she avoided me for months, it was very odd, she speaks again now but I just don't trust her. Am I the only one this sort of thing happens to, I used to have loads of friends but it just hasn't worked out around here. There is definitely some jealousy though I feel .

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