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Can anyone help with benefits?

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JustOneMoreSliceOfCakePlease Tue 07-Jul-15 22:26:32

Dh has left, I have 2 dc's 6&2 and have been a SAHM since my eldest was born.
Have no one to help with childcare and have no car so would make getting kids to school and getting a job quite difficult.
I'd quite like a job but it would be awkward with managing childcare.
I am entitled to universal credit as far as I have read up. Does anyone know what age ds will be when I have to actively seek work? Is it 5?

Sweetsecret Tue 07-Jul-15 22:48:13

Hi yes, I have found myself in the same situation. Income support is received until your youngest turns 5, the it turns to job seekers.
My advice would be get applying as soon as you can, because I have been waiting for a letter from tax credits to move my application forward for 8 weeks now, everytime I call it's the same old story you "should" receive the letter within 7 days, then I never get it. It is taking ages.
hope this helps.

Joysmum Tue 07-Jul-15 22:51:36

I think it's when the youngest is 5.

Look up the 'entitled to' calculator.

JustOneMoreSliceOfCakePlease Tue 07-Jul-15 23:02:33

Thanks for replies, I think I have to apply for universal credit because of my area and it be in a new claim so won't be entitled to income support. From what I have just read I think I will be expected to attend some back to work programmes because ds is over 1 but won't have to get back into work until he's 5 at which point I'd be hoping to be working anyway. Thanks for the advice sweetsecret I will get the ball rolling in the morning. Dh has agreed to continue to pay the bills until the benefits start so I at least have that cushion.
Still haven't told the kids...

Lulioli Wed 08-Jul-15 00:02:20

Hi there. Sorry to hear about your situation �� just to add that I have been in a similar situation and I found the staff at the Job Centre really helpful, less so over the phone. Not sure about UC but I recommend talking through your situation face to face with one of the advisors. Also the website Turn2Us has lots of info. Good luck.

MairyHoles Wed 08-Jul-15 00:52:27

UC is available in my area but only for single claimants at the moment. The first step is applying online, it will take you through eligibility questions and direct you to IS if you don't qualify , so just a 5 minute process to see if you qualify without having to go to JC+. If you make a claim for IS also start a claim for tax credits and council tax reduction at the same time. And child benefit if you currently don't receive it due to your husbands earnings . Good luck.

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