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20yr wedding anniversary tomorrow

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yougotafriend Mon 06-Jul-15 17:18:36

Or is it??
Seperated end of last year but (legally) still married and not yet started divorce.

What's the protocol? Obviously I'm not going to contact stbxh, the chances are he won't even remember anyway, but I do feel a bit weird about it

wonderingsoul Mon 06-Jul-15 18:30:19

Get some friends round.
take out

first is the hardest one, but be kind to yourself x

FrancesNiadova Mon 06-Jul-15 22:13:20

Can you choose yourself a really nice present that represents you turning a corner and looks towards a bright future?
Best wishes -x- flowers

yougotafriend Tue 07-Jul-15 06:43:59

Thanks ladies, I do feel quite sad today which is a little unexpected as it was my decision to separate. I will make sure I do something nice for myself thanks

Hadron21 Tue 07-Jul-15 06:59:56

20 years is a long time and something to be celebrated. Remember the good times. And buy yourself that longed for anniversary gift you never got!

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