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Advice Needed

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tasha24x Mon 06-Jul-15 11:10:37

I have posted in here many of times, to cut a long story short I had what you may call an emotional affair? Like a slap in the face Irealised what I had done, didn't tell my partner for 2 years afer the advice of family & friends then last October I told him the truth whilst away on holiday as I couldn't live with the guilt and anxiety any longer. There were reasons why this happened, new baby,he was out all the time etc & I ran away with the attention before I knew it. Anyway he has since forgiven me & to be honest we get on better than ever. I have been to concealing, I'm on anti depressants & have juto finished a mindfulness course as I struggle with the guilt constantly & wish I could turn back time. To this day a thought of a night away or a holiday panics me as I always used to panic before he didn't know, I like being home & in 'my comfort zone'.

Anyway on Saturday I found I was pregnant. I have wanted another baby for ages & it has caused massive rows between me & my partner, now it's here I'm so upset & my partner has taken it fine actually. I feel bad for feeling bad about it, I worry how I'll cope mentally being pregnant & have started again thinking about what I did etc. I'm anxious constantly & can't eat. I worry that if I was to have an abortion I'd regret it though? So confused, just wanted some advice please. Be gentle.

Aussiebean Mon 06-Jul-15 11:19:08

By the sounds of it, you need to forgive yourself.

I have done stuff I still cringe at years later, but I learned from them and know it won't happen again.

And one of the best things my brother has ever said to me (when I was lamenting a boyfriend i should never have gone out with) was 'everyone has regrets '.

Helped me put it in perspective. Everyone makes mistakes, Everyone regrets, forgive, learn and move on

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