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I think it's the end....Thoughts please.

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Lukat Sun 05-Jul-15 23:36:00

So I've been with my dp for 7 months and the first few months were as normal. ..very fairytale.
happy days.....obviously this has worn off a little and I expect that.
Now the past month or so have been tough as I've been put on cilatropam for anxiety and it's battered us a little but we've cone out the other side......BUT....things seem different between us, he seems down and as though he doesn't want to around, I seem to do all the hugging and kissing and as for the sex side.....tonight was bad. he seemed bored and never even touched me I just asked him to stop as it was too upsetting.
he said he was tired....he works horrid shifts and went camping with mates last night so tired could be a valid reason....
do I call it a day?
give a chance or what

caravanista13 Sun 05-Jul-15 23:41:07

Much as I hope it's not so, I think that your instincts are likely to be right. The only way to check is to talk to him about it.

Lukat Sun 05-Jul-15 23:44:23

I have asked him tonight if he wants out and he said no.
he dated a girl lady year and admitted he didn't really want to be with her and eventually finished it....he said he would never do that to someone again.
He says we are just settling into a relationship.......but the sex tonight was I see if it's a one off or not?

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