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Separation advice needed - please

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Leavinghome Sun 05-Jul-15 20:48:09

Hi Everyone, I'm very new to this but can't afford a divorce lawyer at the moment and would love some help. I moved out of the family home 5 months ago, my husband won't get a job and I can't live with him anymore (lots of reasons). I have continued to pay the mortgage and all of his outgoings while house sitting for a friend but I now need a place of my own for me and the children (they are 14 and 12). I can't afford to do this and support him. Is it ok for me to just stop giving him money when he doesn't have the children? I have some money put aside from the mortgage to continue paying that and the core bills for possibly 6 months. I need to start a life of my own and he is in complete denial that he needs to take responsibility for himself.

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