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maintenance - please help

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madgirlslovesong Thu 02-Jul-15 13:19:13

My ex is threatening to cut maintenance. He says he should be paying 50% less as he now has his girlfriend living with him full time along with her two children. The children aren't his! This doesn't affect maintenance, does it?

MrsHuxtableReturns Thu 02-Jul-15 13:29:38

I think it does, as he'd be classed to be financially responsible for them. Not sure about the 50% though.

Superexcited Thu 02-Jul-15 13:31:16

It does affect maintenance but I'm not sure about the percentage that it affects it by. It doesn't matter that the children are not biologically his.

lacksdirection Thu 02-Jul-15 13:51:56

As other posters have said, it affects the maintenance you receive, whether the children in his new relationship are biologically his or not.
OTOH, His girlfriends children's biological father does not receive a reduction in the maintenance he pays unless his circs change and he begins living with someone else AFAIK.
It isn't fair but it is the way it is.

madgirlslovesong Thu 02-Jul-15 14:16:11

It's ok - phoned cm options and even taking her kids into account he should be paying more than he is now. It does not reduce it by 50% either

QuiteLikely5 Thu 02-Jul-15 14:20:47

That's brilliant! Do let him know what they just told you

GinAndSonic Thu 02-Jul-15 14:22:28

Id pay the twenty quid application fee to child maintenance service and let them do the sums. The amount the decide is then legally binding and they can take action to recover the money if he doesnt pay up.

madgirlslovesong Thu 02-Jul-15 14:56:23

I think I might do. I told him and he started them saying he wanted 50% custody. He lives in a two bed terrace with gf and her two kids. We have 3 dc. I laughed and said he could take me to court for it.

googoodolly Thu 02-Jul-15 15:32:05

He just wants to pay out less money, cheeky git.

Let him take you to court, he blatantly won't win! It does amuse me that he should be paying more though - I hope you make sure you get everything you're entitled to.

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